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How to Setup Real Debrid on Kodi and Streaming Apps (2024)

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real debrid

This guide covers Real Debrid and how to install this service on Kodi and other streaming apps.

Those new to the cord-cutting scene oftentimes find Real Debrid a difficult concept to understand and reasonably so!

This guide features a detailed overview of what this premium link service is to explain what the service is and how it works.

We also provide screenshot instructions for integrating Real Debrid into your favorite Kodi add-on or streaming application.

What is Real Debrid?

What is Real Debrid?

Real Debrid is a premium service that provides users with the highest quality links for streaming video-on-demand (VOD) content.

This premium link service is described on its website as the following:

“Real-Debrid is an unrestricted downloader that allows you to download files instantly and at the best of your Internet speed.”

Cord-cutters and streamers oftentimes rely on these premium services to provide streaming links on various Kodi add-ons, Kodi builds, and streaming applications.

This includes 1080p and 4K UHD links that play without any issues on tons of Kodi add-ons and streaming APKs.

Cord-cutters and streamers oftentimes rely on Real Debrid to provide streaming links
Real-Debrid Links

Oftentimes, users will integrate this premium link service into various platforms on an Amazon Firestick or Fire TV.

However, it will also work on any streaming device including Android TV and more.

How This Service Works

This service is also considered an “unrestricted downloader” that lets you download files and media including streaming links instantly.

It is important to note that Real-Debrid does not work with live-streaming options such as IPTV services.

There are tons of files that users can access with Real Debrid including media files such as movies and tv shows.

This is the most popular use for this platform as thousands of people use it for streaming every single day.

What is Real Debrid?

In today’s world, there are tons of ways to stream content including movies, TV shows, and live TV that go beyond your basic cable subscription.

Millions of people have quit cable for good and opted for streaming services that provide content at their convenience.

This includes Kodi Addons and Streaming Apps that have VOD (Video-On-Demand) content such as Movies & TV Shows.

Real Debrid scrapes the internet including torrent sites and media file lockers to find these links and collect them for streaming.

We can turn to the official website for more clarification on how this service works:

“Once a third-party application is authorized to use your account it is sending to our service filelocker links (Example:,, and so on) or torrent files or magnet links.

In case of torrent files or magnet links, our service converts them into a direct-download link (which can then be used by a player). In the case of filelocker links, our service removes Free-Mode restrictions (download speed, download volume, and so on).”


When our reviews team referenced credible sites like Trustpilot, we found this service highly rated with 4.2/5 stars and over 140 reviews.

real debrid review

Continue reading to learn the price breakdown of Real Debrid as well as how to integrate it into a Kodi addon or Streaming App/APK.


Because many Kodi addons and APKs are free, paying for Real Debrid is usually worth it to make for a more enjoyable streaming experience.

Oftentimes, links available without this premium service can become bogged down due to overloaded servers.

Real Debrid links on the other hand stream completely buffer-free which makes it worth the price of admission.

The current rates for this service are shown below.

real debrid pricing

Users can choose between four subscription options including:

  • 15 Days for roughly $3.17 USD
  • 30 Days for roughly $4.23 USD
  • 90 Days for roughly $9.52 USD
  • 180 Days for roughly $16.92 USD

Note: These prices are in euros with approximate US dollar amounts in parentheses.

In my opinion, this is a great deal that will eliminate a lot of headaches when streaming on your preferred device.

There are four methods that Real Debrid accepts for payment: Credit Cards, Amazon Pay, Cryptocurrency, and Prepaid Tickets.

There are four methods that Real-Debrid accepts for payment: Credit Cards, Amazon Pay, Cryptocurrency, and Prepaid Tickets.

How to Setup Real Debrid on Kodi

The most popular way to use Real Debrid is with Kodi add-ons for thousands of quality streaming links.

Integrating this service within Kodi will only work for those that provide VOD content for Movies and TV Shows.

In the guide below, we will integrate Real Debrid into The Crew Kodi Addon which is one of the most popular available today.

If you use another Kodi addon, this process will be similar and can usually be done within the addon settings.

How to Install The Crew Kodi Addon

1. Launch The Crew Kodi Addon and click Tools.

click tools for real debrid on kodi


choose resoluveurl settings for real-debrid on kodi the crew

3. Hover over Universal Resolvers 2 and click (Re)Authorise My Account.

authorise my account for real debrid on kodi

4. You will then encounter an authorization code.

kodi authorization code

5. Visit and enter the authorization code from the step above. for kodi

6. You will then encounter “Real Debrid Resolver Authorised” message.

real debrid resolver authorised on kodi

7. You can now find Real Debrid links after making a content selection.

real-debrid on kodi link choices

How to Install Real Debrid on Streaming Apps

Real Debrid also works on various streaming apps and APKS including Cinema HD, Viva TV, and many more.

In the guide below, we will integrate this service into BeeTV which is one of the most popular APKs available.

1. Launch BeeTV and click the Menu option in the upper left-hand corner.

Launch BeeTV and click the Menu option in the upper left-hand corner.

2. Choose Settings.

choose settings

3. Click Log-In to Real Debrid.

click log in to real-debrid

4. You are then given an authorization code.

You are then given an authorization code.

5. Visit and enter your code provided in the step above.

nter your code provided in the step above.

6. You will then encounter Log In success message

You will then encounter Log In success message

Integration is now complete. Enjoy!

Best VPN for Real Debrid

Most cord-cutters prefer to use a VPN with unverified Kodi addons and Streaming Apps.

This will protect your data from these app developers and ensure your online connection is completely anonymous.

Real Debrid displays on its website different VPN options and lists them as Cooperative and non-Cooperative.

Cooperative VPN Providers are ones that Real Debrid recommends for use with its service.

Cooperative VPN Providers are ones that Real Debrid recommends for use with its service.

However, most of the Non-Cooperative VPNs will also work with Real Debrid as their website lists “IP Addresses allowed”

IPTV Wire lists Surfshark as the Best VPN for Live TV.

iptv wire surfshark vpn

However, Surfshark also works fabulously with Real Debrid for streaming VOD content and is listed as a “cooperative VPN Provider.”

It works perfectly with any app or addon you integrate and provides extremely fast servers for a buffer-free streaming experience.

IPTV Wire Moves to Surfshark as Best VPN for Live TV

For more information on this premium VOD link service, refer to the video below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Real Debrid free?

No. Real Debrid is a paid service that costs less than a cup of coffee per month.

What Does this Service Cost?

Real-Debrid starts at under $4.00 per month for the basic subscription package.

Can I Use Real Debrid on Kodi?

Yes. The guide above will show you how to integrate Real Debrid on Kodi which is compatible with numerous Kodi addons.

Is Real Debrid legal?

Yes. This premium service is completely legal and safe to use on any device including Firestick and Android.

Can I use a VPN with Real Debrid?

Yes. There are various VPN Providers that work with Real Debrid including Surfshark VPN.

What is the Difference between Real-Debrid and AllDebrid?

While both services provide high-quality links, AllDebrid is cheaper but Real-Debrid offers faster download speeds and integrates with more apps.

How Many Devices can this Service be used on?

Real-Debrid can be used on unlimited devices simultaneously as long as they are on the same IP address.

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