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Kodi 19.5 Matrix Release – New Features and How to Update

By , in Kodi News , at December 27, 2022

kodi 19.5 matrix

This IPTV Wire news report covers the official release of Kodi 19.5 Matrix.

Kodi is one of the most popular streaming apps and media centers used among cord-cutters from around the world.

According to the official Kodi development team, the 19.5 release of the Kodi 19 Matrix software is now complete.

The official press release from the Kodi website states the following on Kodi 19.5 Matrix:

“Happy Holidays, everyone! To celebrate, here we have release 19.5. This release caps off the v19 Matrix development cycle – we are not intending anything further now until 20 Nexus. Without further fanfare, then I give you Kodi Matrix 19.5: more bug fixes, some backports, no real new features. Full changelog since 19.4 on Github, as usual.”

Kodi 19.5 Matrix is now the most stable version of the Kodi software. This has replaced the previous 19.4 version.

If you are currently using version 19.4 Matrix and it’s working well for you, then we don’t suggest updating!

You can view our guide below for updating to this 19.5 version.

How to Update Kodi

how to update

Important Note: Most Kodi add-ons, repositories, builds, and other 3rd party options will work best on Kodi 19.5 Matrix since this is now the acting stable release of the software.

Below you will find the release notes of the 19.5 version of Kodi 19 Matrix. These were directly pulled from the official Kodi website.

Kodi 19.5 Matrix - Features & Details

Kodi 19.5 Matrix – Features & Details

19.5 Release

The 19.5 release of Kodi 19 Matrix was posted on December 24, 2022.

Android/Windows Store Deployment

For Android specifically, please note that we are unable to provide this update via Google Play. An updated Google requirement demands that apps now target API level 31 (Android 12) as a minimum, while Kodi v19 targets API level 29 (Android 10).

As such, we’re unable to upload 19.5 to the Play Store, although 19.3 will remain available until 20.0 is available for the masses. However, for those who want the new release, 19.5 can be downloaded from our servers and installed manually.

More than that, though, for both the Play Store and Microsoft App store, there’s simply too much throwaway work. With the final release of v20 “Nexus” extremely close, as well as difficulties with the Google Play store submission for v19, there is no practical possibility to do store submissions for 19.5 – as such, this release will NOT be released on either Google Play or the Microsoft App store. As always, we provide the packages for all platforms on the Kodi mirror website if you wish to install them on your device.

Note from the Developers

“As this is a point release, there are no major changes since the previous version, and you should be fine to install this straight over the top of any existing Kodi 19.x installation – indeed, this will happen automatically on many platforms. However, as for all software installations, back up your user data beforehand if you’ve any doubts or have anything you can’t afford to lose (and definitely do this if you’re going for a major version upgrade).”

How to Install Kodi 19.5 Matrix

There are a few ways to install the most updated version of the Kodi 19.5 Matrix on your preferred Kodi device.

The best method for installing Kodi 19 Matrix is through the download page on the official Kodi website.

How to Install Kodi 19.5 Matrix

Those using the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, or Android TV devices will likely have better luck installing the ARMV7A (32BIT) APK file.

Overall, feel free to try the brand-new release of Kodi on your preferred streaming device!

But keep in mind this is not the official stable release of Kodi, as most 3rd party add-ons will not work properly.

For more information on the Kodi 19.5 Matrix release, refer to the video below.


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