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Glo TV IPTV Service Faces $25 Million Lawsuit from DISH Network

By iptv.legal , in News , at December 17, 2023

Glo TV IPTV Lawsuit

The Glo TV IPTV service is facing a $25 million lawsuit from DISH Network for copyright damages.

In the realm of broadcasting and content distribution, the fight against piracy is a never-ending battle.

DISH Network, a leading U.S. broadcaster, has recently taken a significant step in this fight by filing a lawsuit in a New York court against Glo TV, an IPTV service, and several of its alleged resellers.

This move is part of DISH’s longstanding commitment to protect its copyrighted content and to maintain the integrity of its distribution rights.

The Glo TV IPTV service is facing a $25 million lawsuit from DISH Network for copyright damages.

The Heat of the Legal Battle

The lawsuit, which aims to claim $25 million in damages, is not just another legal action but a strategic maneuver in DISH Network’s broader anti-piracy campaign.

By targeting the more easily identifiable resellers, DISH is applying pressure in hopes of unmasking the elusive operators behind Glo TV.

This tactic indicates the company’s determination to pursue all available avenues to protect its content.

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DISH’s Partnership with IBCAP

DISH’s efforts are bolstered by its membership in the International Broadcaster Coalition Against Piracy (IBCAP).

This coalition provides a range of services, from monitoring and watermarking content to issuing DMCA takedown notices and conducting thorough investigations.

This collaborative approach is vital in tackling the global challenge of content piracy.

Targeting Retail Outlets

A distinctive feature of DISH’s legal strategy is its focus on U.S.-based retail outlets that resell pirate IPTV subscriptions and devices.

Regardless of their size, these entities face serious legal consequences, highlighting DISH’s zero-tolerance policy towards unauthorized distribution of its content.

Details of the Lawsuit

Filed in the Eastern District of New York, the lawsuit sheds light on the operations of Glo TV and its various aliases.

The complaint accuses Does 1-10, the service’s operators, of illegally transmitting and performing TV channels in the U.S. without DISH’s consent.

The lawsuit also names several individuals and companies believed to be complicit in the operation, including Massive Wireless, Inc., Khaled Akhtar, Rays IPTV LLC, and Mumyazur Rehman Daud.

The Fight Against Direct and Secondary Infringers

The complaint details the intricate relationship between the direct infringers, who operate the service, and the secondary infringers, who distribute it.

It alleges that these parties have been involved in both wholesale and retail distribution of the infringing service.

Persistence in the Face of Non-Compliance

DISH has consistently sent infringement notices over the years, which were repeatedly ignored.

This non-compliance has only strengthened DISH’s resolve, as evidenced by the continuous efforts of its investigators to gather evidence against the infringing parties.

This lawsuit is more than a pursuit of financial compensation; it is about setting a precedent.

DISH seeks comprehensive injunctions to stop the support and distribution of Glo TV and similar services.

This includes prohibitions against hosting companies, the distribution of set-top boxes, and the transfer of domain names involved in the infringement.

A Strong Message from IBCAP

Chris Kuelling, the executive director of IBCAP, underscores the importance of this lawsuit.

It sends a clear warning to all involved in the piracy chain that their actions will not be tolerated.

The expectation is that the defendants will be held accountable, and the court will issue orders preventing further support of the Glo TV service.


DISH Network’s lawsuit is a crucial part of its wider strategy to safeguard its content rights.

As this case unfolds, it will undoubtedly have significant implications for the broadcasting industry and the ongoing battle against digital piracy.

More more information on this story, refer to the official complaint (PDF).

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