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Walmart Releases New $15 Onn Google TV Streaming Stick

By , in Android News , at November 29, 2023

New Walmart Google TV Streaming Stick

Walmart has released a new Onn Google TV Streaming Stick that costs under $15.

Walmart has once again disrupted the streaming device market with the launch of its second-generation Onn Streaming Stick, priced at an astonishingly low $14.88.

Onn Google TV Streaming Stick

This release follows the debut of the first Onn Streaming Stick in 2021, which was initially priced just under $25 before settling at a similar price point to the new model.

In this article, I dive into the features and capabilities of this new budget-friendly streaming device.

Walmart Onn Google TV Streaming Stick Features

1. Switch to Google TV Interface

The most significant upgrade in the 2023 Onn Streaming Stick is its transition from the older Android TV interface to the more contemporary Google TV interface.

This change brings with it the efficiency and user-friendly nature of Android 12, a step up from Android 10 in the previous model.

This switch not only enhances the user experience but also aligns the device with current trends in streaming technology.

Walmart Onn Google TV Streaming Stick Features

2. Increased RAM

Another notable upgrade is the increase in RAM from 1GB in the original model to 1.5GB in the new version.

This improvement, especially at such a low price point, is quite impressive, particularly when compared to competitors like the 1080p Fire TV Sticks, which offer 1GB of RAM at double the price.

3. Processor Upgrade

The new Onn Streaming Stick is powered by the Amlogic S805X2 quad-core processor, clocked at 1.8 GHz.

This processor is shared with Google’s Chromecast HD but comes at half the cost in Walmart’s offering.

While this represents an upgrade from the previous model’s processor, the real-world impact on performance is somewhat muted, likely due to the demanding nature of Android 12.

Streaming Stick

4. Performance Metrics

Benchmark tests reveal an 8.5% improvement in single-core performance and a 10% increase in multi-core performance over the previous model.

These numbers suggest modest but noticeable enhancements in processing capability.

5. Storage and Video Decoding

The device maintains the 8GB internal storage capacity of its predecessor but adds support for AV1 video decoding.

HDR10 support is also included, and there’s a likelihood (though not confirmed by Walmart) of HDR10+ support, given the hardware similarities with the Chromecast HD.

6. Remote Control

The package includes the Google-designed G10 reference remote, known for its effectiveness and convenience with added TV power, volume, mute, and input buttons.

Considerations Before Purchase

1. Comparison with Onn 4K Streaming Box

While the 2nd-gen Onn Streaming Stick offers value for money, it’s worth comparing it with the Onn 4K Streaming Box, priced at just $19.88.

The latter provides a better processor, more RAM, and, crucially, 4K streaming capabilities, which could be a more future-proof option for just $5 more.

2. Performance Limitations

The modest performance improvements in the new model, particularly in the context of the demanding Android 12 platform, might not translate into a significantly enhanced user experience.

This factor is worth considering for those seeking a more robust performance.

Onn Streaming Stick on Walmart's Website
Onn Streaming Stick on Walmart’s Website

Final Thoughts

Walmart’s new 2nd-gen Onn Streaming Stick represents an incredible value proposition in the streaming device market, especially with its sub-$15 price tag.

The upgrades in interface, RAM, and processor are commendable, but potential buyers should weigh these improvements against the limitations in performance and the alternative option of the slightly more expensive Onn 4K Streaming Box.

Ultimately, for those seeking a basic, budget-friendly streaming solution, the new Onn Streaming Stick emerges as a worthy contender!

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