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Sony TV Won’t Turn On? Here’s How to Fix it!

By , in Blog Televisions , at September 6, 2022

What started as a tiny repair workshop for radios is now a world-renowned brand raking in over 85 billion dollars annually. Sony has established itself as a strong contender in the race for top-quality electronic equipment producers across the globe.

Most homes in and out of the U.S. use Sony TVs because they’re easy to operate, look amazing, and last a long time. If you’re looking for the perfect TV, a Sony TV is undoubtedly one that will check all your boxes.

So what happens when your Sony TV won’t turn on? 

Most Sony TV users confess to experiencing problems getting their TVs to turn on. If you are one of these people, below are possible culprits and helpful ways to solve this problem.

How to Troubleshoot When Your Sony TV Won’t Turn On

Your TV may not be working because it’s damaged, there’s no power, or it could be that your remote battery is drained. 

Careful observation can give you insight into what the main problem could be. 

Here are some essential troubleshooting tips and tricks to get your Sony TV working again.

Power Problems

Obviously, if there’s a power problem, your Sony TV won’t work. Your TV has several components that require electricity to keep running. 

There are numerous reasons why you may be experiencing power problems, which include:

  • Reduced voltage: There are many reasons why power lines experience reduced voltage. Either way, it will not turn on when there’s insufficient electricity to power your TV.
  • Power blackouts or blowouts: This can be because of malfunction, poor maintenance, vandalization, or other unseen problems.
  • A storm: Strong wind, heavy rains, and flooding can cause extensive damage to power lines and infrastructure, resulting in a power outage in your area.

If you experience power problems, start by first unplugging your Sony TV from the power socket to avoid damaging your TV. 

Next, investigate why there’s no power supply to your Sony TV or home. If the lights are on in your home, check if your remote batteries are working.

Check the Power Cord

If there are lights in your home, but your Sony TV won’t turn on, maybe there’s something wrong with the power cord. A broken or lousy power cable means your Sony TV won’t turn on.

Begin by checking to see if the HDMI cable has signs of damage. Are there shiny wires showing? Do you see cracks? If yes, replace your power cables before turning your TV on again.

Try a Different Outlet

Malfunctions can happen in your main power socket/outlet, limiting its ability to channel power to the main TV cables. It could be a short fuse or a burnt socket caused by an oversupply of energy.

In this case, you may need to consult an electrician to replace the power socket. In the meantime, use a different power outlet to get your TV working.

Change the Remote Control’s Batteries

When your remote batteries are drained, your Sony TV will not work. Over time, the batteries on your remote weaken and eventually stop working. 

Try the batteries by putting them in another compatible battery-operated device. If it works, then your batteries are not drained. If it does not work, it’s time to get fresh batteries for your remote.

How to Replace the Remote Control Batteries

Even though every house has at least one television, you’d be surprised how many people don’t know how to replace the batteries in their remote control.

Here’s how to replace the batteries on your remote control.

  • Most remote controls have a cover on the back that gives you access to the batteries.
  • Remove this cover and set it aside.
  • Carefully remove both batteries from the remote.
  • Get one of the new batteries and insert it into the left side of the battery compartment.
  • Insert the other battery, ensuring the positive and negative side does not match the other battery you inserted first.
  • Replace the back door of the remote and try to turn on your Sony TV.

At this point, your Sony TV should turn on. If not, re-check to see if you replaced the new batteries correctly. If everything checks out, the chances are that something else is wrong with your TV.

Check the Input Source

Incorrect input settings can render your Sony TV inactive. Sony TVs have standard HDMI inputs and components. If you have connected these components to another TV, you can do it on your Sony TV.

Note that it’s easy to get confused if your TV is slightly different from others. 

However, you must be keen not to place the wrong input source in the wrong place. To be sure, check the manual for the correct directions.

When the input source is incorrect, you may notice that your TV is on, but the screen appears pitch black. Therefore, your TV is on, but it seems turned off. In this case:

  • Press the input source button on your remote
  • Check on the TV settings to see which input source is plugged on
  • Change the setting to switch to the correct input source

If you follow this procedure correctly, the issue is sorted, and your TV should turn on properly. 

If the problem remains persistent or you’re unsure which input source is correct, run through each input individually to see what source is connected to it.

You can then change the input sources or leave them as is.

Broken Display Panel (Backlight)

Your Sony TV will not turn on if the display panel is damaged. To inspect the state of your display panel or backlight, try the following steps:

  • Try turning on your TV
  • Look for a flashlight
  • Turn on the flashlight while pointing toward your TV screen

If you can see movement or faint images running on your TV, it’s confirmation that the display panel is broken. Call a qualified professional to switch the display panel with a new one or get a new Sony TV.

If the TV screen is blank, something else is wrong with your TV.

Bad TV motherboard

The motherboard is one of the most critical TV components. Without it, your TV is like any other piece of plastic. When there’s an electric short or when moving houses, your TV motherboard may experience damage.

You can tell that something is wrong with your Sony TV motherboard by removing the back TV cover and inspecting it. 

To do this:

  • Unscrew the back cover/paneling of your Sony TV
  • Out of the several boards, you will see, the motherboard is the one that has many different connections and is probably larger in size.
  • The motherboard is located on the left side of most Sony TV models.
  • Disconnect the motherboard from the TV. This way, you can differentiate whether the power board is where the problem lies.
  • Try turning on the TV — if it works, the power board is working. An indicator that the motherboard may be damaged and thus what’s causing your TV to malfunction

A damaged motherboard needs quick replacing to restore the full function of your TV. Ensure that the new motherboard matches the specifications of the old motherboard. Installing the wrong motherboard will do nothing to get your Sony TV to work again.

What Do Blinking Lights Mean?

Your TV has a unique way of communicating with you. It does so using blinking lights. Different lights send different messages. When your Sony TV is connected to a reliable power source, a light at the bottom of your TV screen stays Red. This red light is constant and does not blink.

Occasionally, this red light may blink or change from red to a different color. New TV models flash at varying intervals in different colors to communicate an error.

What do blinking lights on your Sony TV mean? Here’s a closer look.

Red Blinking Lights

When the red light blinks, the TV has a system malfunction and will need to be serviced by a TV repair professional.

Count how many times the red light blinks. Note that if your Sony TV flashes about eight times and stops before repeating the sequence, it has different meanings for different TV models. In most cases, the issue results from network errors/irregularities.

Correct this issue by disengaging the TV from the specific network and conducting a factory reset.

OrangeAmber Blinking Lights

If your TV blinks orange, it indicates that your Sony TV is in sleep mode or the /off timer is set. 

Some Sony TV models can automatically study your patterns and turn themselves on or off depending on whether you are awake or asleep.

Alternatively, you may set the time manually via the TV menu or settings. 

Using the timer helps save power and conveniently turns on the TV when your favorite programs come off or automatically turns the TV off when you sleep or are away from home.

Some Sony TV models blink orange when there’s a software update installing/downloading on the TV. 

If you are sure this is the case, avoid turning off or unplugging your TV before the software update is fully installed. This may result in system errors that may worsen the issue.


Usually, the green light comes on once you successfully turn on your TV. After a few seconds, it stops blinking and goes blank. If the green light keeps blinking even when no one turns the TV on, your TV may need servicing.

Before calling a TV repair professional, consider performing a power reset.

White light means that your TV’s functions are normal and nothing is wrong with it.

No Lights

No blinking lights occur when the TV is on, or there’s no power supply. 

If your TV doesn’t turn on and there are no blinking lights, check to see if something is blocking the infrared signal on the TV.

Wiping the area with a damp cloth can remove the blockage, after which the red light becomes visible. If there’s a power issue, wait until the lights are back to turn your TV on.

Why Your Sony TV Won’t Turn on: Final Thoughts

Tampering with your TV may breach your warranty terms, especially if you recently bought it. Carefully read the manual and the warranty agreement to see the limitations that may cause the warranty to be inactive.

When there’s an issue with your Sony TV, the best option for you would be to try and fix it without disassembling it. It’s also a great idea to contact customer support or ask the company to send their experts to check out and fix the problem.

Above is a comprehensive essential troubleshooting guide to refer to when your Sony TV doesn’t turn on.

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