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Samsung TV Won’t Turn On? Here’s How to Fix it!

By , in Blog , at August 29, 2022

Samsung is one of the leading electronic brands across the globe. According to, over 42.7 million Samsung TVs are sold annually worldwide. As expected of any electronic unit, malfunctions happen.

Turning on your Samsung TV is as simple as pressing the power button on your TV/remote. However, turning your TV on can prove problematic at times. Why won’t your Samsung TV turn on? Read on to find out.

How to Troubleshoot When Samsung TV Won’t Turn On

There are basic tell-tale signs explaining why your Samsung TV is not working. Simple troubleshooting requires you to analyze the issue and find lasting solutions. Below are a few basic troubleshooting tricks to turn on your Samsung TV.

Power Problems

Without a power supply, your Samsung TV will not turn on. The TV has different components that need ample electricity to function. A blackout is one of the primary reasons your TV will not turn on.

If the power is up, but your TV still won’t turn on, below are a few checkpoints you could investigate to check the issue.

Check the Power Cord

Confirm if the power cord is correctly connected to the TV and the power socket. Make sure the connection is snug on both ends. If the power cord is well connected to these two points, inspect the power cord. To test whether or not the power cord is working:

  • Turn off the power socket
  • Unplug the power cord from the socket, and the TV
  • Find a different yet compatible power cord
  • Connect the new power cord to the TV and the power socket

However, you don’t always need to buy a new Power cord for your TV. Sometimes resetting your power cord may help bring things back to normal.

Reset your power cord by unplugging it from the TV. Allow it to rest for about a full minute or two, and plug it back in. Make sure it fits tightly on the TV and the Power source. Try turning your Samsung TV on using the power button on the TV. Avoid using the remote to power your TV on.

If the Samsung TV works, your problem is solved. If not, below is your next checkpoint.

Try A Different Outlet

Irregularities in a particular power outlet may cause an interruption in the power supply due to a blown a fuse or an electric short. To test whether the power outlet currently connected to your TV is the issue, begin by:

  • Turning off the current power outlet
  • Remove the TV’s power cord from this power outlet
  • Connect the power cord to a different power outlet where there’s a direct power supply
  • Try turning the TV on

At this point, your Samsung TV should turn on if the old power outlet malfunctions. If not, something else may be wrong with your TV.

Change the Remote Control’s Batteries

Having tried the basic troubleshooting checkpoints above, your TV should turn on. But if your Samsung TV screen remains dark, check the remote. One of two things could be wrong with your remote: It could either be broken or out of batteries.

How to Inspect Your Remote for Damage

Look for signs such as cracks, impact marks, or misplaced parts. Also, check for signs of moisture. Note that dipping the remote in water may also damage it. If everything seems fine, it’s time to see if the batteries are working.

How to Confirm Whether or Not the Batteries Are Working

When your Samsung TV doesn’t turn on, the simplest, surest way to confirm if the remote batteries are working is by using the help of your smartphone.

  • Turn on your smartphone camera
  • Hold the remote in front of the camera
  • Point the head of the remote towards the camera
  • Press the power button several times

The batteries work if you see a bright blinking light on the remote. You may need to switch to new batteries if there are no changes.

Before you run out and buy new batteries, consider refreshing the remote and the batteries. Do this by:

  • Removing both batteries out of the remote
  • Continuously press down on the remote’s power button for thirty seconds
  • After that, put the batteries back into the remote

Now try turning your TV on. If it works, your problem is solved. If not, you may have to fetch new batteries after all!

Check the Input Source

Is yours a new Samsung TV? If yes, there’s a high chance you made a mistake plugging in different connections. You may want to connect your TV to the internet, TV box, DVD player, sound system, and other external devices simultaneously.

You must admit that even for someone who has done it countless times, figuring out what goes where can be tricky. Check if the input source is connected correctly to determine why your Samsung TV won’t turn on.

Start by checking to see if the HDMI port number/details match those on the back of the TV.

If the input source is not done correctly, there are two ways to correct this problem. They include:

Manually inserting the HDMI cable into the correct input source

  • Unplug the cable from the wrong spot
  • Plug it in the right spot

Try turning on your TV using the remote or the power button on the TV.

Use the remote control to select your preferred input source

While your TV may not turn on, the screen may still be active. In this case, consider enabling a particular input source using the remote control. Start by:

  • Turning on your TV so it shows the black or blue screen
  • Find the ‘source’ button on your remote and press it
  • Choose your preferred input source

Automatically, your Samsung TV should start showing pictures assuming the issue at hand results from the failure to connect the input source properly.

Broken Display Panel (Backlight)

A damaged backlight could be why your Samsung TV won’t turn on. To figure out whether or not your TV backlight is broken:

  • Turn on your TV
  • Find a flashlight
  • Turn on the flashlight and point close to your screen

If there’s a faint image on your screen, your TV backlight is broken and needs replacement.

Bad TV Motherboard

Electric short or impact during moving can damage your TV motherboard. To find out the state of your TV motherboard, you will have to disassemble your TV. This is where your handy side comes in handy!

  • Remove the back paneling of your Samsung TV by unscrewing it.
  • You will see many boards. The power board and the motherboard are the two that will stand out to you.
  • The power board lies on the right side, while the motherboard is on the left.
  • To test which of the two boards has a problem, plug in your TV and turn it on. Remove the cable that connects the motherboard to the power board.
  • If the TV stays on, the power board is functional, confirming that the motherboard is faulty.
  • Replace the motherboard with a new one

Before buying a new motherboard, confirm if the numbers on the damaged motherboard match those on the new one to avoid installing the wrong motherboard on your TV.

If you’re not confident disassembling your TV, you can always call an experienced TV maintenance specialist to help out.

Note that tampering with your Samsung TV may breach your warranty terms. Consider consulting the Samsung customer care office if your TV is a particularly new one. They can send their professionals to your location or offer a different solution.

What Do Blinking Lights on Your Samsung TV Mean?

When your Samsung TV is connected to the power source, a red LED light stays on throughout right at the bottom center. For one reason or another, this red light may start to blink. You’ve probably never paid attention to this, but a blinking red light still has different meanings.

Here’s what the red light means on a Samsung TV.

Stand-by Red Light On

The standby red light is still and continuous, and it does not blink, indicating that your TV is on but on standby mode.

The red light sensor may have an issue if your Samsung TV doesn’t turn on. You may notice that the red light is not as bright as it usually is or keeps disappearing.

In this case, you should contact the nearest Samsung resource center and ask for TV servicing. Only an expert can inspect your TV, identify the problem, and possibly, fix it.

Stand-by Red Light Off

If your TV is connected to the power source yet the standby red light is off, something is wrong. Usually, the red light only disappears when your TV turns on and functions correctly.

Once the red light goes off, consider pressing any button other than the power button on your remote. If your TV comes on, your issue is solved. If not, there’s a different issue.

Stand-by Red Light Blinking

Each TV model has TVs whose red light comes in different sequences, and each sequence seeks to send a particular message. Usually, the red light will blink from two to eight times per sequence.

When the red light on your TV blinks two times or more per sequence, it could mean that:

  • The TV inverter board is faulty
  • There’s a problem with the backlight
  • The Wi-Fi cable is disconnected
  • The LD motherboard has a problem
  • The TV cables are worn out
  • The main motherboard is experiencing issues

Considering the complexities of why the red light on your Samsung TV is blinking, avoid trying to solve the problem on your own. In most cases, trying to inspect the motherboard, for example, could breach the validity of your warranty.

When the red light on your TV blinks yet won’t turn on, don’t try to fix it yourself. Instead, start by contacting the customer service center for assistance.

Fixing any faults without the help of a competent TV expert can put you at risk of being electrocuted or catching fire. Talking to the customer support center tells you whether or not your TV needs repair/replacement.

How to Factory Reset Samsung TV

You may be forced to reset your Samsung TV if it still won’t turn on after trying all the tricks above. How do you factory reset your Samsung TV? Follow these simple steps.

Assuming you turned your TV on and a blue/black screen appeared, you have a small window to reset your TV before it turns itself completely off.

  • Press the home button on the remote
  • Move to settings, then move to general, then select reset
  • At this point, your TV will ask for your security pin
  • Key in your pin or ‘0000’; if you’ve never set a pin before

Your TV will turn itself off briefly before turning itself back on. After that, the initial set-up screen will be on display. This means that the factory reset process is complete, and your TV now has the same settings it did when you bought it.

If you don’t have your remote, you can factory reset it using the function bottom on the left or right side/bottom of your TV, depending on the model.

  • With the blank screen on, press the menu button on your TV
  • Among the options on the screen, move to ‘settings.’
  • After that, press ‘general’ and then press ‘reset.’

Note that older Samsung TV models may have a slightly different factory-reset method. You could call Samsung TV customer care for assistance or search for how to reset your specific TV model online.

You can also download the Samsung SmartThings App on your smartphone. This allows you to use your phone to navigate the TV. Follow the same steps as you would using an actual remote to factory reset your Samsung TV.

The Verdict

Samsung TVs are undoubtedly the best quality units you can find in the market. Their crisp, clear display is unparalleled. Usually, these TVs have no issues, but sometimes a few units encounter faults and malfunctions.

After covering all the basic troubleshooting techniques listed above, you will root out the culprit behind your TV issues.

If you are unsuccessful, how about tracing your warranty document first? You may find out that you are eligible for a TV replacement. If the warranty is expired, your next best option is to buy a new TV.

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