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Police Arrest 5 Suspects Involved in Pirate Website Operation

By , in News , at January 18, 2024

Police Arrest Suspects Involved in Pirate Website Operation

Police have arrested five suspects involved in a pirate website operation in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s film industry, affectionately known as Nollywood, stands as a cultural and economic powerhouse, generating billions of dollars and creating new stars.

Yet, this flourishing sector faces a persistent threat: online piracy. It’s a rampant issue that not only undermines the industry’s financial stability but also affects the creators and actors personally, as exemplified by actress Toyin Abraham’s recent experiences.

The Struggle of Law Enforcement in Curbing Piracy

Despite the Nigerian authorities and anti-piracy organizations’ efforts to combat this issue, they face significant challenges. Investigative complexities are just the tip of the iceberg.

A more pressing concern is the dearth of basic enforcement resources, such as reliable internet access and electricity, crucial for the effective operation of the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC).

International Aid and Local Shortcomings

In an attempt to bolster the fight against piracy, the U.S. embassy in Nigeria provided 50 laptops and other gadgets to the NCC in 2020.

However, as the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) recently pointed out, these tools are rendered almost ineffective without stable electricity and internet connectivity.

IIPA has urged the Nigerian government to address these fundamental issues to empower the NCC’s online enforcement unit effectively.

Recent Police Action: A Ray of Hope

Despite these challenges, there has been a significant development.

The Nigerian police, particularly the Force Criminal Investigations Department (FCID) in Alagbon, Lagos, have carried out one of the most substantial anti-piracy operations in the country.

This operation was catalyzed by a complaint from Toyin Abraham, whose film ‘Malaika’ was illegally distributed through various pirate sites.

Toyin Abraham
Toyin Abraham

Uncovering the Piracy Web

The FCID’s investigation led to the arrest of five individuals linked to notorious pirate sites such as,, and

36vibes website
36vibes website

Lagos police chief Idowu Owohunwa highlighted the meticulous nature of the investigation, which identified Kehinde Iyanda as a primary suspect in operating

Iyanda, upon arrest, confessed to using the website for online piracy, including the distribution of ‘Malaika’.

The Human Cost of Piracy

For Abraham, the piracy of her film was more than a financial loss; it led to severe panic attacks and hospitalizations.

Her ordeal underscores the deep personal impact of piracy on creators. Abraham’s commitment to fighting piracy echoes a broader concern for the well-being of Nigeria’s entertainment industry.

Expanding the Investigation

The police’s probe didn’t stop with Iyanda. Further investigations revealed Adebiyi Sodiq and Sodiq Oseni Akano as co-conspirators.

This led to more arrests, including Sodiq in Osun State, despite efforts by his family to conceal evidence. However, Akano remains at large, aided by his girlfriend in evading the police.

Interestingly, the operation also brought to light the roles played by women in these piracy networks.

The mother of Adebiyi Sodiq and the girlfriend of Sodiq Oseni Akano were arrested for their alleged involvement in aiding the suspects.

The Aftermath of the Operation

Despite the success of this operation, it raises questions about its long-term impact. As of now, the pirate sites in question remain operational, continuing to offer a plethora of pirated content.

This situation reflects the ongoing struggle against online piracy in Nigeria and highlights the need for more sustained and effective measures.

In conclusion, while Nigeria’s authorities have made strides in combating online piracy, much remains to be done.

The ongoing challenges call for a multifaceted approach that involves improving enforcement capabilities, providing stable infrastructure, and addressing the socio-economic factors that drive piracy.

For more details on this story, refer to the report from TorrentFreak.

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