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Playback error into IPTVSmartersPro on Windows

By iptv.legal , in IPTV , at March 23, 2022

I’m having trouble watching videos on IPTVSmartersPro for Windows.

I’ve input my details from my provider, it logs in, it shows me all the channels available, and the EPG, but every time I try to watch a channel it says “Playback error, reconnects in 5s (X/5)”, X being the number of attempts it makes.

It then says “Sorry, this video can not be play. Please try again or pick another video”

I don’t think it’s an issue with the provider, because it works fine with the same details on two android devices, and it works on the Windows device when I use SimpleTV (leaving that because the interface on Smarters has been way better on Android).

I’ve tried reinstalling, restarting, resetting the router, and changing the stream format between HLS(.m3u8) and MPEGTS(.ts) in the settings.

When I try with NordVPN it doesn’t even load the channels.

Anything else I can try?

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