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Avoid These Scam IPTV Review Websites – Don’t be Fooled!

By , in IPTV Services News , at September 26, 2023

Scam IPTV Review Sites

The following guide covers Scam IPTV Review Websites that you should avoid at all costs!

The Internet is filled with thousands of scam websites that lie to their visitors for money.

The following guide covers Scam IPTV Review Websites that you should avoid at all costs!

And in the IPTV/streaming space, there is no shortage of scam IPTV review websites providing false information for revenue.

After hours of my own research, I wanted to put together this article to show you guys which IPTV review websites are frauds and why you should avoid visiting them.

Legality of IPTV

Before diving in too far, it’s important to understand the legality of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV).

IPTV by itself is not illegal. The concept of watching live television through the Internet has been going on for several years now. YouTube TV, fuboTV, etc. are technically IPTV services.

However, where IPTV crosses the legal boundaries is on the subject of unverified IPTV services.

Our reviews team defines “unverified” IPTV services as those unavailable in reputable app stores such as Google Play, Amazon, or Apple.

At IPTV Wire, we have legal disclaimers throughout our website stating the following:

IPTV WIRE does not own or operate any IPTV service or streaming application. We do not host or distribute any applications. We have no affiliation with any IPTV service, app, or add-on. We do not verify whether IPTV services or app developers carry the proper licensing. The end-user shall be solely responsible for media accessed through any device, app, addon, or service mentioned on our Website.”

It’s also known that operators of these unverified IPTV services are tied to organized crime, such as trafficking, arms dealing, drugs, etc.

Therefore, any affiliation with unverified IPTV services/operators can result in legal issues.

This includes reselling, affiliate partnerships, or even operating your own IPTV service with unauthorized access to live channels.

If you don’t believe me, let’s review the story of the former YouTuber “Touchtone.”

Touchtone IPTV Affiliate/Reseller

Back in June of 2022, the operators of the once-popular “Nitro TV” were arrested and ordered to pay over $100 Million in piracy damages.

Investigators dealing with “Nitro TV” also discovered a former YouTuber called “Touchtone” who marketed Nitro TV to his audience and even gave out trials.

Touchtone IPTV Affiliate/Reseller

According to the news report on TorrentFreak, Touchtone was then investigated By ACE (Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment) and eventually charged.

The Touchtone lawsuit suggests that, where appropriate, individuals promoting pirate IPTV services on YouTube and elsewhere online, in order to profit from their sale, can also become targets of anti-piracy authorities.

Now that you have a better understanding of IPTV legality, let’s dive into the scam review websites.

Scam IPTV Review Websites

Like most people, if you search “best IPTV services” or “IPTV services” on Google, you will likely notice search results similar to mine.

IPTV Websites Search Results

What’s funny is that all three listed websites provide false information about IPTV services and are frauds if you dive in deeper. Let’s take a look.

software testing help

1. Software Testing Help

The Software Testing Help website must be trustworthy if they’re ranking number one on Google for “best iptv services” right?

If you have visited their best IPTV services page you will find their “Top Recommendations” for IPTV services.

But when hovering over the “visit site” buttons, you will notice the following URL structure –

And if you wait a few seconds it will then redirect to the URL shown below with an affiliate ID “aff=2808.”

In other words, it appears they are an affiliate partner with several unverified IPTV services. And based on the Touchtone scenario, one would assume this is not legal.

What makes this website even worse in my eyes is they blatantly copy my images. Notice how it says “bodhi” in the bottom right of their “Xtreme HD IPTV” image.

Software Testing Help

Takeaway: Avoid visiting this scam IPTV review website for reliable information!

2. Firestick Tricks

Firestick Tricks is a fraudulent website that operates outside of the United States (India) and does not have reliable information.

I have personally noticed this website copy articles and images from not only IPTV Wire, but many others in the cord-cutting community.

This image for example can be found in our Nikon IPTV Review.

This image for example can be found in our Nikon IPTV Review.

In terms of credibility, if you visit their “best IPTV services” page you will find this website ranks “Gemini Streamz” and “Hypersonic TV” in their top five.

Both services have been shut down by the way for over a year. Yet someone brand new to IPTV would have no idea and trust this information.

firesticktricks fraud iptv

Takeaway: Avoid visiting this scam IPTV review website for reliable information!

3. Guru99

Guru99 is another international website with false information that can’t be trusted.

Similar to Software Testing Help, if you click the “Learn More” buttons on their best IPTV page it redirects you to a URL with an affiliate ID.

guru99 fraud iptv site

If you hover over the “Learn More” button for Honey Bee IPTV you will find the URL shows “aff.php?aff=9” meaning they have some sort of affiliate partnership going on.

guru99 iptv affiliates

Plus, this website is a shotgun blast of topics that have nothing to do with IPTV or streaming. They are clearly copying information elsewhere when it pertains to IPTV.

Plus, this website is a shotgun blast of topics that have nothing to do with IPTV or streaming.

Takeaway: Avoid visiting this scam IPTV review website for reliable information!

4. IPTV Compare

IPTV Compare is another scam IPTV review website to be aware of. Take a look at this example – “How to Make Money from IPTV”

They have an entire guide showing the end user how to profit from illegal IPTV activities.

This includes creating your own platform, monetizing content, subscription payments, affiliate marketing, and more.

Something else worth noting, all of the IPTV services they promote have similar websites, pricing, content offerings, and other details.

IPTV Compare Reviews

This makes me wonder if the operators of “IPTV Compare” also have affiliation with these unverified IPTV services. But who knows?

Takeaway: Avoid visiting this scam IPTV review website for reliable information!

vplayed scam iptv review site

5. VPlayed

Vplayed is another website you may find on the Google search results for “IPTV service” related searches.

But what’s interesting about this website, is that they appear to sell the software behind OTT (over the air) platforms.

vplayed ott

Now if you stumble upon VPlayer’s “Best IPTV Services” page, the first area of concern is their promotion of “Best Buy IPTV” as a top live TV service.

vplayed best buy iptv

If you are unfamiliar with “Best Buy IPTV” you need to check out our article on why BestBuy IPTV is a scam.

The operators behind “Best Buy IPTV” are scamming people for money and creating dozens of fake websites pretending to be other IPTV services.

Another item to call out is that they are not showing users the official websites.

This example below for Apollo Group TV is a scam website pretending to be the actual service.

vplayed apollo group tv

We also noticed this service/website is operated out of India. And when it comes to credibility and trustworthiness on the Internet, websites operated out of India don’t have a great track record…

vplayed india

Takeaway: Avoid visiting this scam IPTV review website for reliable information!

6. VPNMentor

Last but not least is the popular VPN review website called VPNMentor.

While VPNMentor doesn’t specifically focus on IPTV reviews, this website is best known for its “expert” VPN reviews.

If you visit their “Best VPN Services” page and hover over the Ownership Disclosure, you will find that VPNMentor’s parent company is Kape Technologies PLC.

vpnmentor kape technologies

Now who is Kape Technologies? This happens to be the company behind ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access (PIA), CyberGhost, and other SaaS products.

Kape Technologies Products

If you read VPNMentor’s “Best VPN Services in 2023” article, isn’t it interesting how all of Kape Technologies’ VPNs are ranked in the top three?

vpnmentor kape technologies


In addition to VPNMentor, Kape Technologies owns another popular review website called “Wizcase.”


And the same story as VPNMentor – if you visit Wizcase’s “Best VPNs in 2023” page you will find Kape Technologies’ VPNs ranked in the top three.

wizcase scam website

Takeaway: Avoid visiting this scam review websites for reliable information!

Scam IPTV Review Websites – Final Thoughts

If you’ve made it this far I hope my article has helped inform you of some fraudulent IPTV review websites to avoid for information.

No, my website, my YouTube channel, and myself are not perfect. But I try my best and perform my due diligence to review/test services and applications instead of flat-out lying to my visitors.

I truly appreciate all of you who visit my website and rely on me for credible information.

Without you, I wouldn’t be able to turn my hobby into a full-time operation that I’m grateful for everyday. Thank you!

– Bodhi Wire

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