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Popular Sports Streaming Site Shut Down After Court Order

By iptv.legal , in News Sports , at September 22, 2023

Popular Sports Streaming Site Shut Down After Court Order

A notable sports streaming domain is now offline following a court order.

In the digital age, sports streaming piracy has become a significant concern for rightsholders of major sports events, prompting a series of domain seizures aimed at curbing illegal streaming.

This article delves into the recent domain seizures, the entities behind them, and the implications for providers and consumers of sports streaming services.

Sports Streaming Sites Domain Name Disruptions

Several sports streaming sites recently experienced domain name disruptions, with Freestreams-live1.top being a notable target.

Several sports streaming sites recently experienced domain name disruptions, with Freestreams-live1.top being a notable target.

This action resulted from an Indian court order impacting domains registered through Njalla, a domain privacy company.

The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment and the U.S. Government have also been active in addressing sports streaming piracy, seizing multiple domains in a FIFA World Cup-themed enforcement push.

The Landscape of Sports Streaming Piracy

Rightsholders have been vocal about the rampant piracy of live sports, seeking legislative updates to address the issue more effectively.

While the law is yet to catch up, existing frameworks have been leveraged to combat large sports streaming operations.

The U.S. Government, for instance, has demonstrated its capability by seizing dozens of sports streaming-related domains, affecting millions of users and shutting down some sites permanently.

The Recent Crackdown on Sports Streaming Sites

Several domains, including NFLbite and NBAbite, became unreachable earlier this week, seemingly part of a new crackdown.

These domains were registered through Njalla, which prides itself as the “world’s most notorious privacy provider for domains.”

However, privacy does not guarantee immunity from legal actions, as evidenced by Njalla changing the domains’ nameservers, redirecting traffic into a sinkhole following a court order from the New Delhi High Court in India.

The Legal Implications

Ignoring the court order would risk the ICANN accreditation of Njalla’s partner, presumably Tucows, potentially putting the company out of business.

The domains affected by the court order can no longer operate through Njalla, with freestreams-live1.top being a notable example, pointing to “shut-for-fraud.com” nameservers.

The Legal Implications

The Resilience of Pirated Streams

Despite the enforcement actions, several domains have resurfaced on their original nameservers, indicating they were not listed in the court order.

The demand for pirated streams remains high, with a recent poll showing that 93% of American football fans have no moral objections to using pirated streams, citing the high cost of legal options.

The Persistence of Domain Providers

The domain suspension effectively halted all traffic to the targeted sites, but sites that have previously survived U.S. domain seizures are not quick to back down.

This persistence highlights the ongoing game of “domain whack-a-mole,” where providers continuously find ways to circumvent legal restrictions and continue their operations.

The List of Affected Sports Streaming Domains

Several domains, including rcrackstreams.com, nflbite.com, and nbabite.com, pointed to suspended nameservers, indicating the widespread impact of the recent enforcement actions.

See the full list of domains below:

  • rcrackstreams.com
  • rboxingstreams.com
  • nhlbite.com
  • nflbite.com
  • nbabite.com
  • methstreams.link
  • linestreams.com
  • karmastreams.me
  • karmastreams.com
  • fsl-streams.click
  • f1bite.net
  • crackstreams.nu
  • cokestreams.com
  • buffstreams.sx
  • boxingbite.net
  • 2720pstream.tv
  • 720pstream.nu
  • 720pstream.me
  • 101streams.net

Final Thoughts

The battle against sports streaming piracy is intensifying, with rightsholders, domain privacy companies, and government entities all playing crucial roles.

The recent domain seizures underscore the legal and ethical complexities surrounding sports streaming piracy.

For more information on this story, refer to the report from TorrentFreak.

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