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Brazil’s Ministry of Justice Asks Google to Deindex Pirate Sites

By iptv.legal , in Anti-Piracy Brazil deindexing google Takedowns and Seizures , at April 19, 2023

google brasilOver the past few years, Brazil has worked hard to combat online piracy from various angles.

The “Operation 404” campaigns, in particular, have led to numerous takedowns and arrests with the most recent wave taking place last month.

Brazil’s Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MJSP) praised the international mobilization which resulted in 11 arrests. In addition, 63 music apps were taken down in the enforcement push, while 128 pirate site domains were blocked by ISPs.

“The objective is the removal of audio and video content, such as games and music, blocking and suspension of illegal streaming websites and applications, de-indexing of content in search engines and removal of profiles and pages on social networks,” the Ministry commented at the time.

Google Court Order

These anti-piracy actions have been widely covered in the press, also internationally. Noticeably absent from the many dozens of reports were the details of the sites and apps actually targeted. A few weeks on, we may be able to partially fill this gap.

The Ministry of Justice specifically mentioned that search engines would be required to deindex domain names. We hadn’t seen any evidence of that but yesterday Google made note of a court order submitted by Brazilian authorities, which requested the removal of 167 domain names from its index.

These types of government-backed blocking requests are relatively rare. While we can’t confirm that these are the exact same domains that were targeted in the latest Operation 404 wave, it certainly would make sense considering the information we have available.

Vizer.tv and Other Targets

Unlike a similar notice, sent by the Ministry of Justice two years ago, the recent complaint doesn’t include a copy of the court order. After that time, Google was asked to remove over 200 domains from its search results in Brazil, including The Pirate Bay, 1337x, YTS and Fmovies.

The latest notice targets many lesser-known sites, but also several that are quite popular in Brazil. Vizer.tv appears to be one of the largest streaming portals on the list with more than 11 million monthly visits of which 88% come from Brazil.

If we take a closer look at the recent traffic pattern for Vizer.tv, we see that there was a significant drop in visitors that started last month. This coincides with the Operation 404 wave and the associated blocking actions.

Other domain names that are listed in the court order also lost traffic last month, such as myfamilycinema.com. Others, including cuevana.ch, tvfree.xyz and ultraflix.tv have started to redirect to new domain names, presumably in an attempt to circumvent the enforcement actions.

No Action Yet?

Google typically complies with these types of court orders. In response to a similar request from Brazilian authorities two years ago, it swiftly deindexed the targeted domains from local search results.

At the time of writing, however, Vizer.tv and all other domains we checked from the recent court order have yet to be deindexed.

It seems likely that Google needs more time to respond to the order. We have seen this before with other blocking requests, where Google was asked to deindex pirate sites that ISPs have to block, with which it eventually complied.

A copy of the “court order complaint” Google received from Brazil’s Ministry of Justice and Public Security was posted on Lumen yesterday. The full list of domain names is available below.

– 123moviess.se
– 123series.bz
– 4kfilmeshd.net
– aboboraflix.online
– amazflix.live
– armagedomfilmes.top
– azseries.org
– bbflix.pro
– betaseries.com
– bkserieshd.org
– bkseriestv.live
– bludv.co
– bludvfilmes.tv
– bludvfilmes4k.net
– blueplay.me
– blueplay.vip
– bluetvdigital.com.br
– bluetvrecargas.com.br
– bluf.online
– boxfilmes2.live
– braziltv.ru
– canais.live
– canaislive.com
– canaisplay.com
– centralflix.online
– chilliflix.com
– compreredplay.com
– cuevana.ch
– cuevana3.info
– desenhosanimados.site
– detran-br.com
– deusdotorrent.com
– digaonline.pro
– downloadlivre.net
– downloadlivre.top
– dozitos.com
– dublaseries.net
– elitecinesonline.info
– express.pro
– familiaredplay.com
– filmelgbt.com
– filmesongratis.com
– filmezando.cc
– filmezando.net
– flixhd.cc
– flixhd.io
– fonlinebr.com
– fonlinee.net
– full-movie.org
– fullmaxtv.net
– futebol.flog.br
– futebolbrasil.online
– g1novelas.fun
– gdrivemovies.xyz
– gfilmesflix.org
– good-torrent.com
– gordolafilmes.com
– gordotorrent.com
– hdfilme.pics
– hdfilme.top
– hdflix.club
– hdonline.eu
– hdtoday.mx
– himovies.to
– hostfilmes.com
– kibado.com
– limontorrents.com
– lookmovie2.to
– lovemovie.org
– maxcine.net
– megapeliculas.xyz
– megapeliculasrip.net
– meucinema.org
– minhateca.su
– minhateca.to
– movies.hdflix.club
– moviesnation.de
– moviesnation.mobi
– moviesnation.pw
– movietorrent.co
– moviexfilm.com
– mp4hdd.com
– myfamilycinema.com
– myfamilycinemaapp.com
– nossotorrent.com
– novaflix.io
– novaflix.vin
– novelasflix.com
– novelasflix.net
– obaflix.net
– onlinetvhd.net
– otampadabola.net
– otampadabola.org
– otampadabola.tv
– overflix.cc
– overflix.com
– overflix.live
– overflix.online
– overflix.org
– pelisplushd.nz
– pelisplushd.to
– play.bkserieshd.live
– playrecargas.com.br
– redplayoficial.com.br
– redplayplanos.com
– rjseries.live
– rjseries.online
– seriale-online.net
– serialeonline.io
– seriesempire.com
– soap2day-to.org
– soap2day.tube
– soap2days.la
– starflix.live
– suatela.com
– suatela.net
– superfilmes.cx
– superfilmesonline.pro
– superseries2.live
– tabonitobrasil.biz
– tabonitobrasil.co
– tabonitobrasil.us
– theflix.com.br
– thepiratefilmes.fun
– thepiratefilmeshd.org
– topdezfilmes.info
– torrent-movies.fun
– tugastream.club
– tv0800.xyz
– tvcanais.online
– tvexpresspro.digital
– tvfree.xyz
– tvhd-online.org
– tvonline.fm
– tvpro.live
– tvprodigital.com.br
– tvprodigital.net
– tyflex.co
– tyflex.tv
– uauflix.site
– ultracinebr.com
– ultraflix.live
– ultraflix.org
– ultraflix.tv
– ultraflixtv.live
– universorangers.xyz
– varioscanais.com
– vembaixarfilmes.xyz
– ver-filmes-online.com
– verfutebol.live
– verfutebol.tv
– vgtvon.com
– vizer.in
– vizer.info
– vizer.tv
– vizer.vc
– vizer.vip
– w10.hdonline.eu
– ww2.bbflix.pro
– www.brasiltvweb.com
– www.tvexpress.io
– www5.himovies.to
– www9.pelisplushd.to
– xxiku.com
– yesmovie.bz
– yts.rs
– zeroflix.org

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