Monday, January 30, 2023
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Will Stadia be missed?

By , in closing down Features games Stadia , at January 18, 2023

You know what they say about headlines that ask questions, don’t you? Betteridge’s law dictates that if a question is asked in a headline, the answer is always “no;” otherwise, the headline would be presented as an assertation. Well, I suppose today’s exception proves the rule, as it’s clear as day many will miss Stadia now that the game streaming service is officially entering the Google Graveyard. Whether you’re a die-hard Dadia from Reddit or simply loved the versatility of Google’s game streaming service, there’s no doubt those that were using the platform have some large shoes to fill today as the doors shutter. While there are plenty of Stadia alternatives to choose from, I’d like to explore Stadia’s major strokes from the last four-year run. So let’s get all retrospective up in here and reminisce about Stadia to see it out the door properly.