Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Spotify wants to bottle up your January 2023 music to revisit next year

By , in Applications News spotify , at January 5, 2023

Evolution is but natural, and although we can’t see significant human evolution in our lifetimes, our tastes and preferences evolve noticeably, even over the course of a few years. Music streaming services like Spotify encapsulate our personal tastes during the year with annual playlists like Spotify Wrapped, but unfortunately, there is no such personalized playlist for the new year. The brand’s 2023 New Year playlists still had to rely on a compilation of all listener data from 2022. But the next year will be different, as Spotify is suggesting users spare a few moments to capture today’s musical tastes with a new feature called Playlist in a Bottle, which will allow everyone to enjoy a personalized throwback to 2023 next January.

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