Monday, March 20, 2023
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Out of all the products Google killed this year, Stadia stings the most

By , in Features games google graveyard Stadia , at January 4, 2023

I’ll be honest; I never held out much hope Stadia would make it. I was one of the people from the very start extremely skeptical Google could actually commit to something as challenging as gaming. Perhaps my view was skewed by Google’s poor handling of the Play Store’s discovery problems over the last decade, or the company’s complete disregard for our purchased property when it silently removed many of our purchases during the great GDPR removal wave in 2018. To me, it was clear Google didn’t have the manpower or experience to take on the likes of Sony and Microsoft, and while it had developed worthwhile streaming technology, seeing that Stadia was/is one of the best-looking game streaming services out there, loose claims during Stadia’s launch about 4K and even 8K games seemingly followed the service around until it’s announced demise three years later.