Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Best match-3 games on Android in 2023

By , in Android Guides & How-Tos Phones puzzle game Roundup , at January 4, 2023

The best Android apps are downloaded for many reasons, for their innovative design or even something simple like a welcoming community. But in many cases, popular Android apps gain popularity simply for building upon a winning formula, refining simple gameplay loops designed for killing time. Match-3 games are a great example, the simple shape-matching gameplay loop seen in Bejewelled, Candy Crush Saga, etc. This loop is tailor-made for the best Android phones, offering simple touch-centric mechanics that are playable on a small screen, perfect for commuting. This is why we dug up some of the best choices on the Play Store for you to peruse in today’s roundup of the best match-3 games available in 2022.