Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Get nividia shield 2019 or Apple TV?

By , in IPTV , at March 30, 2022

Noob here….

I just got the lastest lg c1 and Sonos arc sound system . Hdmi 2.1 I watch a lot of tv and use smartstb off the lg os for iptv.

I’ve been informed these 2 boxes would run my live tv in even better quality due to their upscaling function on older shows on either smarters or tivimate.

My question is should I buy a older 2019 nvidia shield? Or a new 2021 hdmi 2.1 Apple TV. Would I ever neeed hdmi 2.1 just for watching shows?

I feel I should get the shield because the upscaler is better. They both support all the required functions I need like earc , Dolby vision etc.

Is there something I’m missing ? What’s the best box to get. I don’t think nvidia is going to release a new box anytime soon. They are due for a new one though.

Would my nvidia be better to watch Netflix and Disney off of? Or should I use the native lg apps?


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