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SoftIPTV Reviews

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SoftIPTV Review | SoftIPTV APK | SoftIPTV Reddit:

IPTV Subscription Reviews Overview

IPTV Reseller Reviews:

IPTV Restream Reviews:

SoftIPTV APK (Android APP) Review and Setup:

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SoftIPTV Reviews:

IPTV Reseller Review (Soft IPTV):

They’re using common CMS (Content Management System) called “Xtream Codes” with panel version 2.0. They’ve currently selling from 2 servers. 1 is being used to selling restreams and The 2nd one is reseller for IPTV subscriptions. Mostly of the IPTV Subscriptions are being sold by this server.

IPTV Restream Review (Soft IPTV):

They’re using their own server/panel to sell IPTV Restreams. As we know they’ve large quantity on their servers of channels. They’re keep selling big services like RESELLER and RESTREAM from their own Xtream Codes Panel. There are around 1500 to 2000 restreaming channels available on their server.

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SoftIPTV APK (Android App):

SoftIPTV has an outdated version of the application. The app can be downloaded on their official site. The application is only available for Android Devices. On some device it install perfectly and work OK but on some device when adding the login details, software keep giving error, please check your internet connection; even you’re connected. Reinstalling also don’t help. Also have a look at all time best IPTV Apps.

SoftIPTV APK Setup > Tutorial (Step by Step):

SoftIPTV Android app comes with some cool features like Categorized channels list, add to favorite, lock/unlock channel, logos support and few more. The app don’t support EPG data. Let’s have a look on SoftIPTV app setup step by step.

    1. Download APK from their site and install. (Android security system may ask, its not secure app, force it to install)
    2. Open the app by clicking on icon of the app and now it will ask for login to the app
    3. Its now asking for Host:Port, username and password. These details can be found in normal m3u playlist. Here is a sample to understand. Let’s say here we have an m3u link.… ; so The host is and the port is 2500 and next username=123 means 123 is your username and same like this 456 will be the password.
  1. As we got the credentials, in 1st field of host:port add : and next to username type: 123 and in password field type: 456 and click on login.
  2. It should login and all the available channels to that provider will be loaded. You can also user third-party playlists to this app.
  3. Adding Playlist by m3u loader. Simply click on the m3u link you have by your iptv provider and click on it. It will instantly download a file names anyname_tvchannels.m3u.
  4. Now open SoftIPTV app and click on m3u loader, it will open the file manager. Choose the downloaded m3u file and click on SELECT. It will instantly load all channels from that file and you can now see a list of channels. Click on any channel and watch it.
  5. Clicking on any channel will ask you to select external player. You must have any iptv external player installed like VLC Player, MX Player and many more.

And its all done. We have configured app for all available options. You can also checkout list of free trial providers.

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SoftIPTV Review | Reddit & More | APK | Overview [Complete]:

So, here was the overview on SoftIPTV. The reviews by them are for help of other new users.  The services including iptv subscription, iptv reseller and iptv restream all is available by them. So off-course, you shouldn’t take risk any way. You can also visit of our top rated iptv providers to get best services and value of your money. Please leave comments bellow if you know something new, got any question, have suggestions or reviews. Thanks for reading us.

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