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BestBuyIPTV Reviews

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BestBuyIPTV Reviews | Reddit Comments | APK | Channels Listing:

BestBuyIPTV is an IPTV Provider, starting selling services since 2013. They’re offering almost service related to IPTV category like Reseller, Restream and private subscriptions. They’re using their own servers not someone’s reseller. Try legal iptv provider sling TV.
The reviews about BestBuyIPTV aren’t good at the moment 🙁 They’re offering EPG (Electronic Program Data) on almost channels, offering external URL for m3u apps and auto loaded with MAG/STB Portals. They’re supporting almost IPTV boxes and file/link types.

The things we’ll covering in this page about BestBuyIPTV:

  • BestBuyIPTV Reviews
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  • BestBuyIPTV Reseller
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BestBuyIPTV Reviews:

The latest reviews about BestBuyIPTV were found on Softonic (external website). And the reviews were bad and good. According to our intelligence, we found more good reviews as self reviewed. The website is also using .com and .net domains to provider services and billing system. They’re offering around 48 hours free trial of their service. Have a look at the review screenshot of Best Buy IPTV.

BestBuyIPTV Reviews , review of bestbuyiptv
BestBuyIPTV Reviews – Softonic


Now let’s have a look of reviews from another most trusted reviews website called Trustpilot. And OMG, i can see 71% of really bad review :|. The reviews system of this review site is strong and it try max to stop spam and sel posting reviews so almost 2 at good and 1 review on OK situation we can find on this. THIS IS REALLY BAD by their service. Have a close look at the BestBuyIPTV reviews or click on image to go to original website with reviews.

BestBuyIPTV Reviews on Trustpilot
BestBuyIPTV Reviews on Trustpilot

BestBuyIPTV Reddit | What we’ll recommend?

We found this website domain on reddit as 404 (Not Found). Looks the website owner requested the reddit website to remove their domain at all or reddit itself removed their domain as Spam or related violations. VPN is must to use this provider in the UK and most other countries.

We never suggest you to have a service from BestBuyIPTV provider at-least before have their free trial.


BestBuyIPTV don’t offer their own APK 🙁 . On their official website, they don’t mention it anywhere and keep recommending default or other apps like IPTV, Kodi, Premium IPTV and others. So we’ll recommend to go for IPTV Smarters Pro App which is developed by a company which is actually providing solutions for IPTV providers or also checkout a list of best iptv apps.

BestBuyIPTV Reseller:

BestBuyIPTV Reseller service OK to be used. They’re offering EPG and VOD/MOD in their channels list. They have around 7000+ channels and VOD in their server. Their pricing starts with 200 Dollors. Paying them 200 EUR will let them provide you a IPTV Panel with 215 credit and Each line/subscription prices is bit hight. Have a look at their IPTV Reseller pricing:

  • 1 Month IPTV for 6$
  • 3 Months IPTV for 18$
  • 6 Months IPTV for 25$
  • 1 Year IPTV for 45$

They’re accepting PayPal and other many gateways like Skrill and BTC. Their website, paying by credit card or PayPal will auto add credit to your reseller panel by using advanced Xtream-Codes advanced API system. So no need to wait or something after paying them. It’s really awesome!

BestBuyIPTV Restream:

BestBuyIPTV Restream is available by them and they’re selling each channels at 2$. They do not offer their VIP channels list like NOVA Greece and related most expensive channels. You can have a look at their free trial and get a rid on their list of channels. Better to keep them contacted on their official Skype (address available at their site). They offer 48 hours free iptv trial for restream with 10 connections. Its better to try first.

If you wanna say something about their reviews, post reviews or suggestions. Please post comments and help others! Thanks for reading us!

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