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Best IPTV Providers 2020

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Top Best IPTV Service Providers and Reviews: There are many IPTV providers in the world selling various types of IPTV playlist/online streaming channels with some advanced features like EPG and catchup. In the IPTV Marketplace, many of them are resellers of a BIG dealer and showing himself as IPTV Provider. Having a large number of TV channels, VOD and correct order of these isn’t the sign, they’re great. There are many providers ranked better but got serious bad reviews in 2020. Must select the most reliable paid IPTV service provider today!

iptv reviews, top iptv providers
Top IPTV Service Providers Reviews

Choosing Best IPTV Service Provider for your TV isn’t easy now a days. Market is full with scammers and fraud sellers. At least can feel bit safe while paying via Goods PayPal (can open dispute). We’ll be covering some most selling IPTV providers with their reviews bad and good. Hope it will help you choosing the right one for you! If you don’t know what is IPTV, here is a detailed article about IPTV and few best apps for IPTV like IPTV Smarters Pro and more.

List Of Best IPTV Providers 2020:

IPTV Subscription FitIPTV Premium IPTV Internet Protocol TV
Ratings: ★★★★★ 9.8 Ratings: ★★★★☆ 8.8 Ratings: ★★★☆☆ 7.8 Ratings: ★★★☆☆ 7.7
Subscription ✓ Subscription ✓ Subscription ✓ Subscription ✓
Reseller ✓ Reseller ✓ Reseller X Reseller X
Restream ✓ Restream ✓ Restream X Restream X
Multi Device ✓ Multi Device ✓ Multi Device X Multi Device X
Refunds ✓ Refunds ✓ Refunds X Refunds X

Let us brief you on each IPTV Provider and their average reviews. You can also try Sling TV as 100% legal provider.

Have a look at Top IPTV Box :

IPTV Subscription Reviews & Overview:

iptvsubscription reviewsIPTVSubscription is the best subscription and support providing at the moment. They’re bit different from other providers like their prices, support style and the best part is not a single bad review counted yet, isn’t awesome?

They’re offering around 9000 Live TV channels, over 19000 VOD and EPG service + premium support, if listing is over than the app or want some filter, this article will help. The deals are available @ very lowest prices compared to the high quality service and support. They’re offering trials for all of their services, including subscription, reseller (panel trial also available), restream (10 connections,48hrs), multi device and custom deals.

IPTV Subscription Reviews:

About the reviews, they got currently 9.8 out of 10 which is very good. The reviews are posted on a trusted reviews site. Like these reviews its proved that almost of their clients are happy with them. So you can move with them without any fear.

IPTV Subscription Reseller:

Their reseller option comes with the best deals (200eur for 85 credit) and in a new way. Like 1 month line for 1 credit and each credit is 3eur, so its 3 eur for 1 month line which is really cheap and easily understandable. With their reseller, you can create sub-resellers and can sell reseller accounts next to client and show him yourself as admin. You’ll have access to his packages, prices, lines, credits, logs and much more.

IPTV Subscription Restream:

IPTV Subscription restreaming service having around 2000 channels. They offer 48 hours free trial with 10 connections to make sure the service quality, stability, freezing and zapping on your server, app or website with 10 connections at a time. Looks the offers are really making sure client of service in a perfect way!

IPTV Subscription Overview:

The IPTV Subscription comes with 9000 + live tv, 19000+ VOD and epg service with as low as 8 Eur per month starter package and more lower rates in reselling and multi device packages (family pack) with best reviews so no worries before buying. The bonus part is PayPal is being accepted as goods, looks all confusion before paying are clear and worries solved 🙂

FitIPTV Overview & Reviews:

fitiptv reviews, fit iptv provider
FitIPTV Provider Reviews

FitIPTV provider is selling streams worldwide with EPG and BIG list of channels and VOD/MOD streams. They’re offering support for all devices and for customer support. You’ll atleast get 100% reply in 24 hours. Its currently Best IPTV provider. Their contacts are via Skype, Email and Livechat. They’re also offering IPTV Reseller and IPTV Restreaming services on their website. About Payment options, PayPal (Goods and friends and family), Skrill and BTC is accepted by them. As PayPal goods option is available. No need to get worried about getting scammed or something. They offering refund for 7 days.

Coming to Reviews, they’ve got 7.7 out of 10 on Trustpilot (most trusted reviews site). About reddit, we didn’t found any organic review of FitIPTV on reddit community forum. We got 5th position and few reviews of this provider from an external site called Softonic. Have a look at their reviews and go for next steps!

IPTV Subscription starting from 14$ to 80$ which is nice. 1 Month for 14$, and 1 Year IPTV for 80$ with all available options like full channels list, Videos on demand and Movies on demand. They’re not offering adult channels at the moment.

FitIPTV Reseller pricing its starting 200 EUR upfront and you’ll be provided 240 credit. Their 1 credit is equal to 1 Euro. 1 Month line will cost an IPTV reseller around 4 credit and 1 Year for 40 credit. So you must need to sell 1 Month line for more than 4 Eur and 1 Year more than 40 Euro to earn some money!

FitIPTV Restream is 2 Euro per connection available to be sold. The offer all channels available in their listing for restream. Their restream conditions are don’t use over connections than allowed and don’t share the link publicly/sell to individuals directly. Violating these rules may reason the blocking of your paid m3u link and no refund for this.

FitIPTV Overview: While choosing the right provider, you must have a look at their free trial and its strongly recommended by us to get their trial and checkout the service briefly. As trial passed, go for 1 Month first. If its great then can move to 3 months, 6 month or an year of the service!

Premium IPTV Reviews & Overview:

Premium IP.TV Reviews, provider reviews
PremiumIP .TV Reviews

PremiumIP TV provider is also an OK provider not really good actually. As their service was working great in start of 2018 but we seen some really serious bad reviews against them on open source Internet reviews site. Their service is still cool but support and blocking may reason of these bad reviews. Looks they don’t own the server as the reseller prices are too very expensive. They offer reseller solution but not re streaming. Their reseller pricing are also expensive including subscription prices. PayPal and credit card is accepted by them. They’ve nothing mentioned about refund on their website. VPN is must for the UK users for this provider.

Coming to Reviews, they’ve got 7.3 out of 10 on Trustpilot (most trusted reviews site). About reddit, we didn’t found any organic review of PremiumIP TV on reddit community forum. We got 16th position and few reviews of this provider from an external site called Softonic. Have a look at their reviews and go for next steps!

IPTV Subscription: prices are not too expensive. 1 Month 15 Euro and Lifetime 99 Euro. We’ll strongly recommend not to buy Lifetime plan, max go for 6 Months plan available at 59 Euro. Everyone know and IPTV provider can not keep it working for lifetime: This is really a joke by them 🙂

IPTV Reseller: services are provided by them in most expensive plans. 1 credit is equal to 1 Euro and 1 month line will cost you around 10 credit means 10 Euro. So if you wanna earn with them, sell more than 10 Euro 🙂 and 1 Year line comes with 75 Euro (other providers selling it as normal client subscription). We personally not recommend to go for it.

IPTV Restream: isn’t provided by them. The restream solution for any reason is not offered by them. They only sell private subscriptions and reselling services with expensive prices.

PremiumIP TV Overview:

Their service is cool to be used, must get a trial and less duration subscription. Their reseller program is also being used by Xtream Codes and really very expensive. If you’re sure will get expensive purchase clients, you can go ahead but getting trial and making sure of service is must/highly recommended.

King-Box Pro (IPTV CAM) IPTV Reviews:

IPTVBoxPro Internet Protocol TV Reviews
IPTVBoxPro Internet Protocol TV IPTV Provider Reviews

Internet Protocol TV or Internet Protocol TV is a Turkish IPTV service provider. Offering refund of their services within 24 hours with few rules, older than 24 hours of purchase the service isn’t cancelable. We’re not sure if they own server. They’re also selling cccam and IPTV service, not sure authorized or not. They funny thing is they’re offering paid support for devices installations like for Smart IPTV Installation pay them 5 Euro to get dedicated support of their team to get rid of it.

Coming to Reviews, we found their profile on trustpilot but unluckily no one posted reviews there 🙁 . About reddit, we didn’t found any organic review of Internet Protocol TV on reddit community forum. We got 1st position and few reviews of this provider from an external site called Softonic. Have a look at their reviews and go for next steps!

IPTV Subscription: is starting from 3 months. So you can only buy minimum of 3 Months subscription at 35 Euro. If you wanna buy from them go for it not directly order bigger package. They offer 24hrs refund options, later than 24 hours of purchase made from them – No refund at all. They’re offering many channels including adult 18+ tv channels. You can Pay them via PayPal.

IPTV Reseller: service isn’t provided by them at all. Maybe they don’t own server.

IPTV Restream: isn’t provided by them at all. Maybe they don’t own server.

Suggestions for, staying away from scam IPTV Providers:

  • Must get free trial.
  • Email them for any reason at least 2 times after getting reply to make sure their support it bit OK.
  • Must purchase lower plan like 1 Month or 3 Months.
  • If paying via PayPal goods; its great, at least can open dispute later.
  • While trailing the service, checkout the service in every angle like freezing, slow zap etc.

Using these tips may stay away the scam providers from you!

Please comment down to add any new IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) provider with your unique review and comment on existing listing. Thanks for visiting.

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